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Caton and the Fire Company:

Caton is a small town nestled in the hills south of Corning New York on the Pennsylvania border. Our equipment that we purchase for fire protection is based on the needs of the community and the terrain of our beautiful town. We are in the greatest sense a RURAL Fire Department meaning that we carry our water with us to the fire. Having to do this means that there are limitations in how much water we can bring to an emergency. As you will read later on in the site our Tanker holds 2250 gallons of water. We have gone from a conventional Pumper to a Pumper -Tanker which holds a larger amount of water. Further supplies of water and manpower are acquired through an extensive and well thought out plan of Mutual Aid Companies from the area around us, not excluding help from our neighbors to the South in Pennsylvania.

The Caton Fire District also provides to the community an Emergency First Responder service. Our First Responders have different levels of Emergency Medical Service training, and we encourage our members to achieve the Emergency Medical Technician status. Our EMS personnel are on scene to assess and stabilize a patient until an Ambulance can reach the location. Historically EMS calls have been the bulk of calls for the Caton Volunteer Fire Company.

Volunteerism for the Fire Service around the Country has been in decline for years now. This is sad because there is such a need for heros to come forward for their communities. If you have time to help your community in this way, we would encourage you to contact your local Fire Department for more information and an application.
2016 Board of Fire Commissioners
Chairman - Walter S. Maxwell III
Secretary - Robert I. Button
Commissioner - Joan Paul
Commissioner - Ben Crowl
Commissioner - Alan Peters
Treasurer - Jeff Griffin
2016 Chief Officers
Chief - Ken Shollenberger
1st Assistant - Richard P. Button
2nd Assistant - Joe O'Brian
3rd Assistant - Mike Smith
4th Assistant - Jim Brimmer
2016 Caton Fire District No 1
1118 Caton Road
Corning, NY 14830
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