Meeting Minutes
2016 Caton Fire District No1
1118 Caton Road
Corning NY 14830
Town of Caton Fire District No.1
1118 Caton Road
Corning, NY 14830

Organizational Meeting

January 9,2017

The Organizational meeting of the Caton Board of Fire Commissioners was called to order at 6:34 pm by acting Chairman Jeff Griffin.

Everyone stood for the pledge to the American Flag.

Mr. Griffin asked for nominations from the Board for Chairman.  Joan Paul nominated Walter Maxwell for the position, seconded by Ben Crowl.  Mr. Griffin asked if there were any other nominations.  After a moment, he noted that by our silence there were no more nominations.  Robert Button moved that we accept the nomination of Walter Maxwell as our Chairman, Joan Paul seconded the motion.  The motion carried with no dissenting votes.  Congratulations Mr. Maxwell

Mr. Griffin relented the meeting to Mr. Maxwell to continue the meeting.

The minutes of the Secretary for the December meeting and the End of Year meeting were reviewed with no corrections necessary.  Ben Crowl made a motion to accept the December minutes as presented by the Secretary. Alan Peters seconded the motion and it passed with no dissenting votes.  Ben Crowl made a motion to accept the minutes from the End of Year meeting as presented by the Secretary. Alan Peters seconded the motion and it passed with no dissenting votes.

Out of our normal order Andy Sprague had a report to give re the building project.  In order to move forward with the building project, we need to have the land we intend to purchase surveyed to include in the site plan so that it may be taken to the planning commission for approval of variances we will request.  Walt brought us up to date re the land purchase.  Mark Butler has questioned if the owner can sell the property to us because the bank may have to approve the transfer of property.  Walt said that she is contacting her Mortgage company to see if it is possible.  Regarding the property for a paved driveway.  cost estimates that Walt got were more than a section of 22’ x 122’ is worth.  He offered her the price of $2000.00 to $3000.00 for it.  She seemed agreeable if the Mortgage Co. will allow it. Mark Butler says that if we cannot purchase be property we may be able to get an easement.  He would have to talk to someone in his office regarding how to write one up.  In no way, will this stop us from going on with the project.  This is to keep us informed of the issues we will need to get past to move forward.

The meeting was turned over to the Secretary for the reading and votes on the Organizational Resolutions.  Resolutions are attached to the official documentation of the Secretary in the 2017 notebook.
The Chairman read the Oath of Office for Treasurer to Jeff Griffin.  Mr. Griffin repeated the Oath.  Walt thanked Jeff for his service and complemented him on the job that he has been doing.

The Chairman read the Oath of Office for Secretary to Robert Button.  Mr. Button repeated the Oath.  Walt thanked Robert for his service and the job that he has been doing.

The Treasurers report had been passed out and reviewed by the Treasurer on points he thought we should know about.  There were no comments or questions on his report.  Robert Button made a motion to accept the report of the Treasurer.  Joan Paul seconded the motion and it passed with no dissenting votes.

Chiefs Report:  Is in the 2017 notebook of the Secretary of the Fire Commission.
The Chief Recommend the following for positions of Capt. Etc.:
Captain -Tim Sutryk
Lieutenant - Matt Decker
Fire Police Captain - Rhonda Button
Medical Captain - Robert Richards
A brief discussion followed on the choice for Lieutenant and his ability to follow through on his appointed duties.  The Chief has assured that Mr. Decker knows that he has 6 months of probation to prove he is capable of following up on his duties.
Commissioner Button noted that this format is not what is in the SOGs of the Fire Commission.  Not that the concept is wrong but it needs to be addressed when we review the SOG’s.
Ben Crowl made a motion to accept this slate of positions as recommended by the Chief and his Chief Officers.  Alan Peters 2nd the motion and it carried with no dissenting votes.  Walt Maxwell admonished the Chief to make sure that the position of Lieutenant be monitored fairly and if necessary terminated if found to be slacking off on his duties assigned.

The Chief noted that Richard Button’s Radio needs to be taken to the County for Serving and Reprogramming.  On their wish list is that the Commission purchase bar lights for the Chief Officers.  The Secretary was un aware that we hadn’t been doing so.  He said that right now the priority for the Commission is the wholesale replacement of the radios and pagers.  The bar lights were not part of the budget requests at the meeting so it will have to wait. 

Robert Richards said that he found out this past Saturday that our Agency application for EMS is due on the 15 of January.  He called Albany to explain the situation but the person that he should be talking to is on vacation until after the documentation is due.  They have given him an extension until February 15, 2017 so he has to gather everyone’s information for the application.  He also mentioned about the CPR mannequins that he would like to have at the station.  Again, he was told that it wasn’t part of the budget process and will have to see if there will be any funds available. 

The Chief discussed his talk with Tim Sutryk re his not being placed as 4th Assistant.  Apparently, he was a Captain for the one year as prescribed by our SOG.  Mr. Button mentioned that we do not have a reason to not install him as the 4th assistant Chief.  He has all of the courses but he doesn’t have real life experience.  Joan Paul said that we are responsible if we do not place an experienced person into the position.  I said that we just did put him in the position of potential OIC on scene if as Captain he has the potential of being highest ranking in charge.  The chief said that he has told him that after 6 months if he believes he was ready to take on the position of 4th Assistant Chief he would bring his name to the Board of Fire Commissioners for approval.  Robert Richards stated that there should be a probation period for all Chief Officers.  Discussion followed.

Walt thanked everyone who comes down and works at making the building look nicer and to do maintenance.  But he never wants it to happen again.  To make it clear we are not sure that if you are not doing a function of the Fire Commission and the Chief, you may not be covered on our insurance.  In order to be sure that things are kosher the Chief or one of the Assistant Chiefs must have it sent out as a drill or work duty.  The Chief said that it would have to be done only on “I am Responding” because the County will not acknowledge, record or tone out for Work Duties.  This means that if the people of the Fire Company Organization want to do any work they must contact a Chief for an in-house work session via IAR. 

Building Committee:  Ben Crowl said that he is having difficulty contacting some politicians by phone.  He is going to go to Tom O’Mara’s office to see how far of if our letter to the Municipal Building Grant Committee has progressed.  He has contacted Tom Reeds office they only have money for equipment.

Old Business:
1.What is the status in Nate Tucker and Joshua Tucker for approval by the Commission?  The Chief has not gotten the background check back.  Tabled for another month.
2.50/50 grant - No News.
3.Computers and Computer Cart have been installed and Robert Richards and the Chief have keys to the cabinet.
4.Joan Paul asked about the wireless signal for the building.  Mr. Button told her that Spectrum employee came and removed the wireless from the gateway. We do not pay for it through their equipment.  Our wireless router was working sporadically so it was wiped out and re programmed.  It is working as it is supposed to now.

New Business:
1.Walt would like to start an in-house safety committee to work on making things safer for our members.  Discussion followed.
2.We will again be working on updating our SOG’s
3.A program that Steve Monroe had been working on to notify us if one of our people has a motor vehicle violation was asked about.  We will see if Mike Smith has any knowledge where he was at with implementing it.
4.Walt asked for a preemptive approval to move forward with a surveyor if the land acquisition goes forward before meetings.  Joan Paul made a motion to give this approval, 2nd by Alan Peters.  The motion carried with no dissenting votes.

Purchases:  None

The bills total $1,714.85
Ben Crowl made a motion to pay the bills as audited by the Board of Fire Commissioners, 2nd by Joan Paul.  The motion carried with no dissenting votes.   The Treasure was directed to pay the bills.

Ben Crowl made a motion to Transfer from the general fund to checking $1,715.00 to cover the bills.  Walter Maxwell seconded the motion and it carried with no dissenting votes.  The Treasure was directed to make the appropriate transfer.

There was no other business brought before the Board for discussion.

Robert Button made a motion to adjourn.
Adjournment was at 8:12 pm.

Respectfully submitted:

Robert I. Button
Secretary, Caton Fire District No. 1