Honor Roll
In rememberance of The Firefighters and Auxillary Members who have passed on.
Our appologies if we have missed a name that should be on this list. Be sure it was not our intent to do so. If you know of someone who was a member of the Fire Company or Auxillary that is not on this list please send an emai to secretretarycfd1@stny.twcbc.com and we will be sure to correct our listing. Thank you in advance for your understanding.
2016 Caton Fire District No 1
1118 Caton Road
Corning, NY 14830
Stewart Allen
Arnold Pipe
Kenneth Gridley
Charles Ballard
D. Clayton O'Brian
Winston Gridley
Clifford Dickerman
Douglas P. Thomas
John Bacon
Ronald Fitzsimmons
"Hank" Carol
Lany Conklin
Ruth Shoner
Gertrude Wagner
Edna Harrison
Beatrice Pace
Jessie Smith
Arlene Bartlett
Lenora Riesbeck
Helen Smith
Marilyn Crowl
Helen Brace
Arlene Lightfoot
Annie Page
Violet Snyder
Sharon O'Brian
Henry T. Button
Richard H. Button
Mary Francis Button
Perry W. Fisher
Clair "Chuck" Hively
Keith Richaards
Margaret H "Peggy" Smyers
Paul E. Smyers
Phil Malburg
Robert Richards Sr.
James "Ed" McQuillen
Marion Harrison
Walter S. Maxwell Jr.
Billy Kellberg
Dan Bly
John L Brace
Frank Crooker
Dr. George F. Showers
Raymond N. Reisbeck
Marilyn Crowl
Daniel Harriger
George J. Harrison
William W. Harrison
Olin Harrison
Jacob Wagner
Carlton Riesbeck
Earl Hurd
C. David Wenban
Harry D. Graham
James Brace
Carley Lewis
Adrain Snyder
Paul Smith
George Schoener
Hiram VanBuskirk
Norman A. Smith
Guilford Toby
Raymond Brace
Sylvanus M. Thomas
Roy Gridley
Wayne Conklin
Jerome B. Conklin
Montgomery Bills
Harold Smith
Walter S. Maxerll Sr.
John W. Riff
Richard Hively Sr.
Ernest Gridley
Clyde E. Smith
Howard Kellberg
Whiting Lightfoot
Harry Smith
Edward Bartlett
Robert F. Vanness Sr.
James Dale